How's 100 Days of SwiftUI

Jules Lee Jules Lee Follow Dec 29, 2019 · 3 mins read
How's 100 Days of SwiftUI
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Like most Udemy courses, this course also begins by introducing Swift. Hence, Swift UI begins at a later part like Day 16. So that makes it 84 days haha.

What encouraged me to take on this course?

Well, I’ve tried Udemy a couple of times already. Believe me, I also thought of going there again, so then, I looked at the available SwiftUI courses. I was looking for a course that also teaches maps because it has been difficult to find a standard way of building an app with mapkit. Though, there’s a separate course on Udemy for that but in UIKit. I found none. Probably not worth spending a dime on a course that doesn’t involve an essential feature that is commonly used by apps like Uber and Facebook.

I’ve been hearing about this course on YouTube. Saw it on Reddit as well. I initially thought that it’s time-consuming maybe. Building an app every day for 100 days, maybe?

It turns out to be like Udemy without having to sign up, but also without a certificate of completion. I guess all you can do is post your projects on Github when you’re done making adjustments that are suggested at the end of every project. It’s not like you have to make a project too, you can simply just watch the video tutorials or read the transcript below it that reads just like a blog article. So you can either watch or read this course, up to you. The advantage is, you can copy-paste whatever is on the video as well.

Last but not least, you can pace really fast if you’re just reading at the codes and you already understand just by looking at it, so you can move on to a different level of difficulty.

How fast could you do it?

It’s only been the 2nd day of my journey, and I’ve already done Day 16 - Day 26. Uploaded 2 challenges to Github. I don’t necessarily do the little projects, because it seemed too simple, but I did upload 1 project, for now. I’ve been slacking mostly, so imagine what you can do. I have no fixed time allotment in this course. I don’t have a job. I sleep during the daytime and maybe go someplace else. I do this all at night until dawn, but with distractions like YouTube and playing MU Origin 2.

Would I recommend you to do the same?

I have just begun taking it, but as far as I’ve been now, I think I do recommend it. Just build a project on your own after finishing the course and publish it on Github to compensate for not having a certificate of completion.

There’s also no way you can prove you’ve taken the course, even when you’re done answering the quizzes, which I did:

Do I think SwiftUI is better than UIKit?

The experience of SwiftUI and Flutter turns out to be really different. I thought it was similar, but now, I’m so much at ease with SwiftUI. It makes a lot of things in UIKit simpler.

At first, I was clinging on to the idea that codes are longer when written in SwiftUI because you have to write every bit of modifier (attributes as we know it) from the top of our heads, while we have the attributes inspector in Swift only. If you’ve tried HTML or CSS, then it kinda feels just like that in the end. The modifiers you write will be like writing from your heart as you get accustomed to it. The memorizing part is not that steep even. You’ll soon notice how fast it all came together. So, don’t you fear the learning curve.

Also, it is significantly less code writing compared to Swift only with or without a storyboard.

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