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Delux M618 USB Wired Ergonomic Vertical Optical Mouse Review

Jules Lee Jules Lee Follow Oct 28, 2019 · 1 min read
Delux M618 USB Wired Ergonomic Vertical Optical Mouse Review
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My new vertical mouse just arrived as we speak. This is a little different from the previous one; It has a wire instead of it being wireless and it feels funny around my hands.

I have now been accustomed to using my previous vertical mouse. It felt rather more comfortable when I wrap my hand around it, but I don’t feel the same comfort with this new one.

However, the purpose of this as a mouse is on point. It doesn’t lag like the previous vertical mouse. No lags in scrolling too. But it has friction on my mousepad. So, I removed the mousepad and now I’m using it on top of a wood. It feels much smoother this way.

The color I got is black, though I would’ve liked it to be the color I’ve used in the image above which is matte white. Mine has three glossy buttons, not including the left and right-click buttons. Like the image above, it has some kind of tail but it feels like it’s in the wrong place.


I’ve gotten used to this mouse. It’s unfortunate that I ordered another vertical mouse that looks similar to my old mouse. The key to using this mouse is holding the upper part of it.

Another important thing not to do is to rest your hand on it if you aren’t using it. I don’t know why but there is pressure on my pinky when I rest it there for too long. It gets sore after a while.

I don’t remember the comfort of using my previous mouse, but this just works. Although, the left-click button is kind not working at times or if I don’t use enough force to press it. Most of the time it works though. I’m just not sure if I’m pressing it too softly.

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