Jules Lee

iOS Developer

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About Me

In high school, we got to learn HTML. That was my first programming experience and I got hooked. I found building things online as my hobby.

Come college, we were taught Android development. I kinda liked it too. I explored on Xcode outside of class, and I loved it even more.


University of the Cordilleras

June 2010 - October 2016

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

I am a computer science graduate with mobile technology track


Laundry City

An app that caters to laundry shop owners and customers. Laundry City allows laundry shop owners and customers to do business without the hassle.

Customers will be able to choose from different laundry shops and rate them as they see fit. The customer will be able to easily locate the laundry shops as well as contact them. Once the shop finishes counting the laundry, the customer will be able to see the quantities of their items in the app.

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